Create your own iPad mystery competition

Would your students love to see their own ideas made into an iPad app? The fusion of our experience in collaborative learning research, developing iPad apps and an interest in Project Based Learning in the last few years, led to our creative competition, Our Mystery.
As a very quick summary, it offers UK years five, six, seven and eight the chance to come up with their own ‘Digital Mystery'.

There can be as little or as much ICT as they like involved, as we provide a template form in PDF or Word and ask for hand-drawn or photographed images to accompany it. We wanted to help slot the opportunity in with existing school plans rather than require extra time, so the mystery can be on a topic students have covered or are soon to cover. For an entry pack for your students, just go to Our Mystery page.

The deadline for entries is in a few weeks so giving the task to students after their half-term holiday would work really well.