cup and ring marks app      Cup and ring marks


       Subject:       History
       Topic:           Neolithic, Bronze Age, traditions, pre-history
       Audience:     KS2
       Question:     Why did Neolithic and Bronze Age people carve cup and ring marks into rock?
       Author:         Gavin Johnston


This is a mystery about the Neolithic and Bronze Age cup and ring marks which are found all over the world.  These marks were created up to 5000 years ago and there are many suggestions as to why they were made. 

During this mystery the children learn about the Neolithic and Bronze Age traditions.  The children learn when the cup and ring marks were created and how they could have been made.  After this the children learn about the possible significance of the shapes and how they could have been used.  Children can come to their own conclusions about the mystery of the cup and ring marks.

There are three different difficulty levels on this mystery. To change the difficulty, go to the Settings menu. On 'easy' there are 15 slips, 'medium' there are 19 and 'hard' there are 24. A different set of hints on grouping and sequencing ideas are provided in each level.

Please also see the additional sub-questions suggested. These do not appear when the session is in-play, but we recommend noting them down or writing them on the board, if you think they would be useful.

This task could lead to students doing their own research on the topic and seeing if this changes their answer.

  • Begin to develop an understanding of Neolithic and Bronze Age traditions
  • Learn about when cup and ring marks were created
  • Read about and discuss how cup and ring marks could have been made
  • Learn about and debate the possible significance of cup and ring marks and why they may have been used