romeo and juliet app      Romeo And Juliet


        Subject:           English
        Topic:               Literature, Opposites, Contrasts, Feuds, Tragedy, Love, Shakespeare, Romance
        Audience:        KS3/KS4
        Question:        How and why does the fight in Act Three Scene One of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ escalate into such a serious                                             incident?
        Author:            Elizabeth Doyle


Romeo and Juliet is a popular choice for GCSE assessment, and Act Three Scene One is a crucial scene with lots of dramatic appeal and interest.

This scene occurs immediately after Romeo has married Juliet, and has many themes which can be focused on. These include the general contrast of love and hate in the play and the feud of families, which has a direct impact on innocent lives.

It consists of 24 information slips with illustrations, with more coming in at each level: easy (16), medium (20) and hard (24).

As well as the main question ‘How and why does the fight in Act Three Scene One of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ escalate into such a serious incident?’ please see suggested sub-questions which can be asked during the session depending on requirements.


This mystery is designed to help students of all abilities. At all levels, it can be used to understand Act Three Scene One more, get to know the characters and plot points, as well as help students remember particular quotes.

The lowest ability can use it to clarify the important plot points that can sometimes be elusive to them.

The more able can use it to explore Shakespeare’s skills as a dramatist, and the efficient way he uses language and structure to convey a compelling and moving story.

The most advanced students could use this resource to begin an exploration of the wider theme of ‘contrasts’ and ‘opposites’ that characterise the play.