Development Italy apps         Development In Italy

         Subject:           Geography

         Topic:               Economy, Industry, Employment, Investment, Migration                                 

         Audience:        KS3/KS4

         Question:         Why does Marco want to speak to his cousin?

         Author:             Paul Lawrence


This mystery surrounds Marco, a 21 year old farm worker who lives with his parents in the Calabria region in Southern Italy. The mystery surrounds the potential reasons why Marco wants to speak to his cousin who moved from the South to the city of Milan.

The mystery covers the economic differences between North and South Italy in terms of employment and investment. It also covers some of the physical geography of Southern Italy.

Learning outcomes:

• Know the different types of employment / industry
• Identify the differences between the North and South of Italy
• Understand why agriculture is difficult in Southern Italy
• Develop an understanding of core and periphery theory

The mystery can be used at key stage 3 and key stage 4 to look at the differences between North and South Italy. It can also be used at key stage 4 to explore core and periphery theory as well as being developed as a case study for internal migration.