Cyclones app         Cyclones In Myanmar

         Subject:           Geography

         Topic:               Hazards, Nature, Environment, Disaster, Society                                

         Audience:        KS3/KS4

         Question:         Why is Salema going to school during the holidays?

         Author:             Paul Lawrence


This mystery surrounds Salema, an 11 year old girl who lives with her family on the Irrawaddy delta in Myanmar. The mystery asks the question why Salema has to go to school in the holidays.
The main aim of the mystery is to cover cyclone formation in the Bay of Bengal and protection methods that have been adopted. Human change on the delta leading to increased risk from storm surges is also considered.

Sub-questions include:

Who is Salema?
Where does she live?
What is a cyclone?
What is a cyclone shelter? 
What does a cyclone team leader do?
Why does the cyclone team leader need a megaphone?