Decline of coastal app         Decline Of Coastal Resorts

         Subject:           Geography

         Topic:               Coastal resorts, Tourism, Regeneration, Economy, Environment                               

         Audience:        KS3/KS4

         Question:         Why is Glenda cooking breakfast for the last time?

         Author:             Paul Lawrence


This mystery surrounds Glenda and Mike who run a small hotel on the North East coast. The mystery looks at the reasons why Glenda may be cooking breakfast for the last time. The main aims of the mystery are to consider recent changes in holiday patterns and the impact this has had on UK coastal resorts /towns.

Learning outcomes:

• Be able to give reasons for changes in holiday patterns
• Understand the impact this has had on UK coastal resorts / towns

Extensions to the mystery can involve the ranking of changes in order to explain which has had the most significant impact. The mystery also has a focus on regeneration which can lead to discussion on how our resorts / towns can be managed in the future.

The mystery can be used at key stage 3 to investigate changing tourism patterns as well as key stage 4 when considering the decline of coastal areas / regeneration.