Shopping land app         Shopping And Land Use Change

         Subject:           Geography

         Topic:               CBD, Economy, Society, Environment, Effects, Redevelopment                              

         Audience:        KS3/KS4

         Question:         Why does Gail’s weekly shopping trip take 40 minutes longer?

         Author:             Paul Lawrence


This mystery surrounds Gail, a 32 year old single mother who lives close to the CBD.  Changing land use in the area where Gail lives has disrupted her weekly shopping trip and her journey now takes 40 minutes longer.

The main aim of the mystery is to consider recent changes in urban land use and shopping patterns. The mystery looks at the decline of the CBD as well as giving reasons for the growth of out of town supermarkets.

Learning outcomes:

• Suggest reasons for the decline of the CBD for food shopping
• Understand why supermarkets now locate on the edges of urban areas
• Create a sequence to explain why Gail’s journey takes longer
• Consider the impacts out of town supermarkets are having on the CBD and those people that live there

The mystery can be used at key stage 3 to show understanding of changes in urban land use. At key stage 4 a case study can be developed to support the theory covered in the mystery.