International apps         International Migration

         Subject:           Geography

         Topic:               Migration, Society, Economy, Politics, Citizenship                          

         Audience:        KS4/KS5

         Question:         Why does Adrianna call London home?

         Author:             Paul Lawrence


The mystery surrounds the international migration of Adrianna to the UK (London) from Poland.  The mystery covers the major push and pull factors associated with migration. The factors can be split into push and pull and then extended to social, economic, physical and political. Some of the statements will promote discussion within groups and lead onto the advantages and disadvantages of the migration for the host and source countries.

The mystery can be used at Key Stage 3, at Key Stage 4 – it fits the OCR B syllabus and Key Stage 5 – the Edexcel AS syllabus (unit 1.)
Pupils should know the difference between a push and pull factor as well as the difference between social, economic and political factors. 

The mystery can also be used in citizenship lessons and it is designed to give an overview of the process of migration as well as being used as a stimulus to discuss the changing nature of the UK.