Digital Mysteries

Enhance students’ key skills whilst they learn about important topics, but with complete activities in the form of iPad apps. From history, to maths, to science, there are Digital Mysteries in lots of subjects, aimed at those age 7-16.

Ready made activities developed by teachers.

Alongside engaging illustrative slips, Digital Mysteries come with more information, almost like a lesson plan. Each has a detailed description, suggested learning outcomes and usually one main open question (often additional questions too). Hints are often included for different stages too, e.g. which slips could begin a new, named group.

All of the Digital Mysteries apps (currently only available on iPads) are truly collaborative, provide a ‘record of learning’ in the form of automatic reports and include plenty of opportunities to improve skills of speaking, listening and critical thinking. In-session, students can make use of tools (e.g. sticky tapes and notes) to help externalise their thinking.